Review On Cantu Shea Butter Moisturizing Twist & Lock Gel

This twist & Lock gel by Advanced Beauty Inc. is made with but not limited to Shea butter, coconut extract & oil, aloe Vera leaf juice, avocado oil, jojoba oil, olive fruit oil, mango seed butter, argan kernel oil, grape seed oil, neem seed oil, carrot seed oil e. t. c.

Claim on ingredients

As much as was used in the Cantu Shea butter Twist & Lock gel some ingredients were also indicated as absent. The product has;

  1. No Mineral oil
  2. No Sulfates
  3. No Parabens
  4. No Silicones
  5. No Phthalates
  6. No Gluten
  7. No Paraffin
  8. No Propylene
  9. No PABA or DEA

Product claim

Made with pure Shea butter and formulated without harsh ingredients.

  1. Moisturizes
  2. De-frizzes
  3. Adds manageability to hair revealing soft, shiny twists and locks.

Directions: For Twists, section hair and apply a generous amount to each section. Twist the hair with a comb or fingers.
To touch up twists or locks between cleansing, section hair and apply enough product to coat new growth.

What I think of Cantu Shea butter moisturizing twist & lock gel


  • It has a strong floral scent. Depending on what you are comfortable with it can appear as too strong or just right.
  • It has a creamy consistency that penetrates the hair very evenly.
  • It doesn’t leave any white residue on the which is good.
  • It moisturizes the hair.
  • It reduces frizz.
  • It enhances curls.
  • It instantly softens the hair.


This is more or less not a disadvantage except you bought it for this purpose because it is clearly written on the product. So know that;

  • It does not play the role of a gel like it is indicated.


The Cantu Shea butter moisturizing twist & Lock gel is one of those product that does 95% of what it promises to do, so if you have been contemplating buying it or if you are unsure of a good moisturizing leave in conditioner to buy I highly recommend it. I truly noticed a huge difference in my hair when I started applying it.

Note: I use it as a leave in conditioner.

Have you used the twist & Lock gel? What was your experience? Leave a comment I will love to read from you.

Will Shaving My Hair Make It Grow Back Healthier?

This is always a million dollar question, will shaving my hair make it grow back healthier? This is because in life people see a fresh start as a great ground to create new opportunities and bag more wins. This mindset is also diverted to the hair, we shave the hair and automatically expects it to switch from curly to straight or vice versa or if you have 4c hair then you expect to shave your hair and automatically acquire let’s say 3b hair. Let us not forget that our genes play a strong role in our hair texture and type and shaving our hair does not systematically give us new genes.

Yes when we shave out hair there is a good chance that if you had thin hair (due to over processing with chemical or heat) your hair could grow back thick (if that is how your hair is genetically structured) and if you maintain a healthy hair care routine your hair stays thick.

However the truth is you don’t need to shave your hair to have a healthy hair because even though you shave your hair and still do the exact things you were doing to your hair before you cut it then there is a huge chance your hair will go back to how it was. Practice a healthy hair care routine and then you can gradually cut off the unhealthy parts of your hair (which includes splits ends, over processed ends and dry ends).
How to avoid getting your hair damaged

  1. Use heat sparingly. Sparingly /ˈspɛːrɪŋli/adverb—in a restricted or infrequent manner; in small quantities. However damage can also occur from a one time use. So be sure to use low heat. If you you must use heat protectant use one that is void of silicon and paraben and is moisturizing.
  2. Watch how you use hair dyes. Of course it is not the fact that you use hair dyes but how do you use it. To be safer seek a professional. There are colors that you want that could take 3-5 visits to get it right, a professional will know this, don’t go doing it at a sitting, it will be a lot for your hair to handle. Some hair dyes can also alter your hair type, of this isn’t what you want consult with your colorist prior. After you have dyed your hair don’t forget to keep your hair full of moisture. Hair dye is a chemical that can leave the hair dry, and a dry hair can lead to so many things which are unhealthy for the hair but with the right hair care routine you hair will blossom.
  3. Styling. Over manipulation can weaken our hair shaft leading to hair loss or hair thinning. So do less to achieve more.

Stress is inevitable in life so I’m not about to say avoid stress to have a healthier hair but what I would say is don’t forget to treat your hair right even when you are stressed.

Have you shaved your hair in exchange for a healthier hair? What was your experience? Kindly share your thoughts, i will love to read from you.

14 All Time Hairstyles For Your Natural Hair

The hair is usually one of the first thing that get noticed when a person looks at you, maybe that’s why we spend so much time trying to style it to perfection. However there are those times we are stuck on which style to do. Wether it is for a wedding or a friends birthday party or a beach party with colleagues or even a hairstyle to wear to work we will need ideas to switch things up whilst giving us that glow-up look.
Here are some style ideas;

Top bun warrior plait

This historic Nordic Inspirational style still stands out today because of its simple and beautiful outlook. It is referred to as warrior plait because it gives power vibes and can be done in less than 10mins. If you quickly need to get your hair done before you dash out the doors then top bun warrior plait got you.

6 rolled buns updo

This is one of those hairstyles that should be done once in a while because it requires a lot of hair manipulation to get it done. It however remains classy and can be worn to a wedding or any corporate party.

Two strand twist

This is my all time favorite. You can call me old school if you want but who wouldn’t love a hairstyle that can be flexible? Two strand twist is one hairstyle but with you can achieve many other hairstyles when you style it, that’s why I love it. A simple but versatile hairstyle.

Kinky locs

Talking about switching up your outlook with your hairstyle then kinky locs does it. This hairstyle is like fine wine the older the better and can be worn to all kinds of events.

Bantu knots

This is a traditional hairstyle from African origin. Bantu knots can be used as a medium to get lustrous curls or it can be worn as it is or a way to style your braids/locs. It is a brilliant, informal chic hairstyle.

Finger coils

This is a hairstyle that can be playful and formal all at the same time. It is not season choosy, so can be worn in spring/summer/fall/winter. The style is created on wet hair. Wash and condition your hair, then at a time separate a/2/3 ring finger sized portion (depending on how you want each size to be) apply a curl enhancing cream/gel for hold and definition and an oil for shine, then twirl the hair around your finger from the root of your hair to the tip.
This hair style can last up to 2weeks with touch up here and there.

Mohawk on Twist out

Are you looking to do a hairdo that is playful but commands boldness, then Mohawk got you. It has this fierce look to it that makes you have this don’t mess with me look yet it is fun-loving. Mohawks can be created from twists out, braids out, or a Bantu knots out.

Top knot

I like to call this haistyle the prim and proper hairdo. It can be worn to a red carpet event, to the church as well as lunch with the girls. It isn’t picky, it isn’t a snub, it can be here or there and guess what! It can be done in a few minutes!

Braided low bun

Tired of the regular low bun then you can switch things up by doing this braided low bun. If it’s wash day but you are not feeling up to it then yes to this hairstyle. It is unique, classy, cute, stylish and it secures you a place at the table.

Edgy bun with plaits

This hairstyle can be classified as an oldie but goody.

Double braids with a creative twist

Feeling bored of the regular double braids then add some creative twist to it. This hairstyle speaks for itself. It ticks all the boxes of a good hairdo. However visit a professional natural hairstylist to do it, so that your hair stays at it best.

Roll and tuck

This hairstyle is created as the name implies it is basically rolling and tucking your hair piece by piece. It is sophisticated, flattering, and undeniably cosmopolitan.

Alternate buns with twists-out at the back

3words easy, gorgeous and elegant.

Low bun and curls 

When a hairstyle can represent everything then you know it is a keeper. This updo is a great way to style your hair for any event.


Which of these hairstyles is/are your best? Have you tried any? Let me know your thoughts, drop a comment below.

These Easy Steps Will Help You Comb Your Natural Hair Without Breakage

Combing our hair is something we like to do if not now then later. However if not done right it could could lead to hair loss when it breaks.

What to use:

Before combing your hair be sure to have these hair tools;

  1. A wide tooth comb: check that all the teeth are smooth to avoid your hair catching on them.
  2. A hair detangling brush ( (not an affiliate, not sponsored). This brush is gentle and will treat your hair like a new born baby.
  3. Spray bottle with water.
  4. Styling moisturizing Creme.
  5. Oil of your choice, I love to use the Olive oil.

Now you have prepared the above items, make sure your hair is moisturized because you don’t want to comb a dry and frizzy hair or a hair with split ends (trim off your split ends). This will lead to a lot of tangles here and there, so instead of having a smooth combing you will have a stressful one with hair loss bound to happen.

Here is how to gently comb your hair

  1. Divide your hair in 4 sections. For easy manipulation and manageability.
  2. Starting with one section. Spray some pumps of water until hair is slightly damp. The natural hair is at her best manageable state when she is has water in her.
  3. Apply a little styling Creme to the section. And massage the product into your hair. With the water initially applied your hair should start to feel like silk under your hands. While you massage also finger detangle gently and slowly. When you’ve spent some time here you will know when it is time to whip out your comb.
  4. Starting from the tips of your hair using your wide tooth comb gently comb your hair. Move the comb up the strands and gently comb out again. Continue in this way until you reach the roots of your hair.
  5. While you comb if you find a tangle gently take it out with your fingers (not the comb). It is easier to work with your fingers to unravel a tangle to avoid less breakage.
  6. Once the unraveling has been done, use your wide tooth comb from the tip to the root one last time before you pick up your detangling brush and let it glide smoothly through your hair.
  7. Apply your oil. And then use the detangling brush again. That section is ready. Twist it or weave it or simply use a hair band to put it away while you work with the other sections.
  8. Repeat the procedure through the rest of the sections.
  9. Unravel the twists or weaves or hair bands and style as you please.


Once you master the art of detangling your hair it becomes easy to do it. I have learnt that dividing my hair in sections makes the work easy peasy than trying to comb my whole hair at a time, this is way more stressful and no guarantee of no hair breakage. 
However be patient, be gentle and move slowly where necessary, your hair will thank you for it.
How has your experience been with combing your hair? Have you mastered the art of combing your hair?I will live to read from you down below.

Is It True That Rubbing A Light Sun Burn On The Scalp/Hair Avoids The Formation Of Bubbles/Blisters?

Often times we find that we experience sunburn on the scalp because we remember to put SPF (sun screen protector) on the rest of our body but not our scalp yet our scalp is not left out when the sun is out to play. Sunburn on the scalp or hair is not different from sunburn on the leg or hand, so it should be treated with caution too.

Some don’ts of sunburn on the scalp:

  1. Don’t expose the affected area to the sun after a sunburn: Use a hat if you must go out in the sun.
  2. Don’t rub a sunburn: It is always best to leave the affected area alone when you have a sunburn. Rubbing it can cause more damage.
  3. Don’t do tight styles: exerting pressure on the burn will not help for quick recovery. So avoid pulling up your bun too tightly or making tight plaits.
  4. Avoid washing your scalp: Until the burn has healed it is better to avoid washing the scalp because chemicals from the shampoo used could irritate the burn and cause further pain or damage. However you can run water through your hair to remove product build up.
  5. Avoid using chemicals like dyes: wait until the burn has completely healed before using any form of chemical on the scalp.
  6. Don’t apply heat to your hair.

A quick natural remedy of sunburn on the scalp:

Once you notice that your scalp has been burnt by the sun, apply a mixture of Aloe Vera juice and Shea butter to the affected area. The ratio of the mixture should be 70% (Aloe Vera juice) to 30% (Shea butter). Apply every two hours.
Why this works:Aloe vera contains proteolytic enzymes that help heal and repair dead skin cells. 

Shea butter contains high concentrations of fatty acids and vitamins making it an ideal cosmetic ingredient for the skin. Shea butter also has anti-inflammatory and healing properties. Using shea butter on your burnt scalp will condition, tone, and soothe your skin.This combination has ALWAYS worked for me and my family, you can even freeze the combo to give you cooling relief (but this should be used only one application in a day. For the rest of the day the combination should be in its natural state) however if after applying the mixture for a day and you don’t notice a considerable improvement visit your dermatologist doctor.


It is always best to treat your scalp burn like a regular burn, rubbing it could increase pain, make the situation worse and lengthen the healing process. When there a burn always best not to stress the hair or scalp at all.Have you had a sunburn on your scalp? How did it heal? Share your thoughts down below I will love to read from you.

Does Conditioner Make The Hair Fall Off?

Conditioners are meant to make the hair soft, easily manageable, they are meant to combats frizz, and moisturized the hair. However I heard some people say it makes their hair fall off. Why is that?

Is it the conditioner causing hair fall?

Conditioner helps keep your hair looking and feeling healthy. People often think that because it makes the hair soft there is a tendency the hair could fall off because of the softness. But this is not true. There is no study that suggests conditioners cause the hair to fall out.

Why you might think it is the conditioner

So if your hair falls off while using a conditioner, you will simply assume that it is the fault of the conditioner. These are some steps to follow before picking a conditioner for your hair type;

  • For thin and brittle hair choose conditioners geared towards repairing damaged hair and helps with moisture retention.
  • For hair that breaks/sheds use conditioners that fortifies hair to improve elasticity, promotes growth and retention and strengthens hair.
  • For dull hair seek conditioners that delivers long lasting softness and shine to the hair.
  • To improve scalp health use conditioners that hydrates the scalp without stripping it and has essential vitamins that improve/maintain scalp health and protect hair from harmful UV rays.
  • For bold Afro textured hair use conditioners that has tons of slip to help detangle and remove knots, also seals and smoothes cuticles to improve shine and leaves your hair super soft, silky and frizz-free, allowing moisture and nutrients penetrate effectively and encouraging true texture to blossom.
  • If your hair is dyed you don’t have to use only conditioners for colored hair, you could also add any of the above to your hair regimen depending on how your hair feels.

When you know your hair type, choose a conditioner suited for you.

Things to note when you use a conditioner

  1. Understand your hair type and use a conditioner made for it.
  2. How the conditioner makes your hair feel when using it is important. As I highlighted earlier a conditioner should make the hair soft, easily manageable, combats frizz, and moisturize the hair, anything other than this means the conditioner is not meant for you. A conditioner should not make your hair snag and snap choose the product wisely.
  3. Read the instructions on the product and follow adequately step by step.
  4. A conditioner does not heal split ends, cut those ends off and start a healthy hair care regimen from a fresh start.
  5. Your hair needs MOISTURE for growth and good health, the conditioner you use should promote this.
  6. A conditioner can mildly clean the hair, so you can opt out for it to limit usage of shampoo to once a month.


We have been able to deduce that conditioner does not make the hair fall but in fact improves the overall health of the hair. However to stay safe limit usage of leave in conditioners to once a week because everyday usage can lead to product build up and cause more harm than good.

I will love to read from you, write your thoughts in the comment.

Five Quick Steps To Achieve Hair Thickness

If your hair is thick but you did not have to do anything to get your hair where it is, then count yourself among the lucky ones. Some of us have to do the hard work to either make our hair thick or to keep it from thinning out. Having thick hair can be considered as a luxury and a must-have to some while some wonder what they will do with the huge mass of hair. If the former is you then here are 5 ways to grow your hair thick;

Massaging the scalp

Scalp massage stimulates the blood circulation and this in turn channels more nutrients to the hair roots. Blood flow to the hair cells means healthier hair growing out of your scalp. (Check out this article on scalp massage)


When the hair is rich in moisture, it is a good environment for hair growth. Moisture can be infused by deep conditioning treatment, daily refresher ( especially in summer, it’s important to carry one to refresh your hair and scalp) (daily refresher as I call it is a spray bottle with 70%water, 20%leave-in-conditioner and 10%oil, shake the mixture very well and spray on your hair now and then), hot oil treatment and protein treatment. Each treatment depends on what your hair needs at the time. My two favorites are deep conditioning and hot oil treatment and I do them once a week.
Remember: dry hair leads to hair breakage/hair thinning and when this occurs the hair will lack growth.

Castor oil

Castor oil is an age-old remedy use in making the hair thick and it truly works. I add some into my shampoo, conditioner and then my daily refresher. I also have a bottle where I mix castor oil and olive oil and then use for my scalp massage and also apply to the length of my hair every two days.

Avoid products that dry out your hair

Like I said dry hair or scalp is not an enabling environment for hair growth. Some products can dry your hair. So after using a product instead of your hair to be silky and smooth there are a lot of friction causing it to snag and snap and then the amount of hair you lose after washing your hair, nah that’s not good.

    I would have said avoid products that contain sulphate or paraben (they don’t work for me) but some people can beat their chest and say products containing these ingredients work best for them. So instead when you use a product how it makes your hair feel determines if you should be using it again.

    Castor oil is an age-old remedy use in making the hair thick and it truly works. I add some into my shampoo, conditioner and then my daily refresher. I also have a bottle where I mix castor oil and olive oil and then use for my scalp massage and also apply to the length of my hair every two days.

    Use a silk pillowcase/silk scarf

    Silk material are so friendly to the skin and hair and they will keep the moisture in your hair locked in unlike cotton that will seep out the moisture in your hair and cause friction that that leads to breakage and cause split ends.


    Making the hair thick takes effort and consistency. Take pictures to compare results because sometimes our hair is actually growing and retaing the lenght and thichkness but because we have nothing to compare it with we won’t agree.  

    Have you tried thickening out your hair? What method did you use? Let me know in the comment, I will love to read from you.

    5 Reasons You Should Massage Your Scalp

    Ever been to a salon for hair treatment or for a new style or even for a cut and your stylist gives you a good scalp massage? Don’t that make you want to sleep. You feel all your energy seeping away and you feel relaxed.A good scalp massage is so beneficial to our well being as well as to our hair.

    Benefits of massaging your scalp

    1. It Relaxes

    Scalp massage is a good way to ease out tension. When you are stressed or had an hectic day it is an easy way to get your mood back on track. Or even when you have headaches a good scalp massage can make you feel better. A feeling of calmness and relaxation is what I get from a good scalp massage.Also it usually helps when I am finding it hard to phrase topic, you know when you are trying to write something and you are stuck, after a good massage I start to recollect. You can try it too, it helps.

    2. For Hair Growth

    Scalp massage is one of the great ways to help the hair grow as fast as possible. It stimulates hair growth. When you massage your scalp it increases blood circulation and this in turn channels more nutrients to the hair roots.

    3. It Thickens Hair

    Daily scalp massage is one way I have been able to thicken my hair. Massaging dilates the scalp and increase blood flow to the hair follicles. This improves the texture of hair, making it thicker and stronger over time.

    4. Lubricates The Scalp

    A dry scalp can result in itchiness, flakes and hair breakage. These are examples of what we don’t want our hair associated with.The skin produces natural oil know as sebum. Sebum on the scalp is an example of a healthy and well nourished scalp. Massaging the scalp ensures that the scalp is rich with sebum and also that the scalp is not dry because dryness can lead to low levels of sebum which in turn lead to an oily scalp. This is because your scalp will try to overcompensate and produce more oil than you need.You can choose to do your scalp massages with oils, which will of course lubricate the scalp. But even if you choose to just massage your scalp without oils, it will still speed up the production of Sebum.Scalp massage is a great way to regulate the production of sebum and keep the levels on your scalp at a healthy and beneficial level.

    5. Helps In Moisture circulation

    A good scalp massage is a good way to ensure every strand of your hair sucks in moisture. A hair that is rich in moisture will grow healthy, vibrant, bouncy and long. I have also noticed thickness when I massage my wet hair. And when you massage you also reduce product build up if your hair and scalp have any.

    How To Massage Your Scalp

    The best way, I will say is to get the help of someone so you can doze off because that’s what a good scalp massage puts you in the mood for, sleep! However you can also do it yourself, you either do it with your hands or use a scalp massager.

    • While Shampooing: I wash my hair with a sulphate free shampoo. After I put in the shampoo and lather my hair then I massage my scalp for 5minutes before I rinse off the shampoo.
    • While Conditioning: When I did not massage while shampooing I massage when conditioning my hair for 5minutes. I either use my hands or with a scalp massager.
    • With oil: You can use your favorite oil as well to massage your scalp. I love to use olive oil, it’s light and has moisturizing benefits.
    • Without products: Yes you can massage your scalp with just your hands. You don’t need to use a product before you massage. Sitting on the couch watching your favorite tv programme is a good time to start massaging or anytime you desire since the only tool you need are your hands.

    Have you been massaging your scalp? How does it make you feel? If you don’t massage, do you intend to start massaging your scalp?
    Let me know in the comment section I will love to read from you.



    How To Keep Your Natural Hair Moisturized In Summer Heat

    When summer heat wave strikes we find that most times our hair is sapped of moisture because the temperature is high and this can make our hair and scalp dry leading to hair breakage and split ends.

    How to lock in moisture into your hair in summer heat

    There are several measures to take to help keep your hair feel alive and bouncy even with the heat intensity, they are;

    1. Deep condition your hair once a week: Deep conditioning is a good way to infuse moisture into your hair. You want to use products that promote moisture and keep dryness away. For example honey is a natural humectant, which means that it can draw moisture to your hair and keep it there. Aloe Vera is another good humectant. Do a blend of Honey, Aloe Vera, Avocado, Apple cider vinegar, and Olive oil. Apply the mix section by section to each strand of your hair. Wear a shower cap and leave for 4hrs. Rinse with a conditioner.
    2. Use a daily spritz. (In a spray bottle, put 70%water, 20%leave-in-conditioner and 10%water, shake the mixture well before spraying): Have it in a carry-on Size so that you can have it handy. During summer with the intensity of the heat you will need a refresher to keep your hair constantly soft and well hydrated.
    3. Ensure all the products you use are water based: Like how water is the cure for dehydration that is the same way it revives a dry hair. Water is the best moisturizer. Look out for product that have water at the top of their list because then you know goal to kick out dryness is achieved. You can also apply water directly to your hair and then seal with an oil.
    4. Refrain from sulfate shampoo: Or if you can help it from shampoo altogether. You can use a conditioner instead. All you have to do is scrub your scalp properly after you apply the conditioner.
    5. Use lighter products: For example You can switch from gels to styling creams, which tend to be a more moisturizing formula for styles. The lighter hair stylers may not give you hold that will last for a week, but their water-based formulas will be more moisturizing.
    6. Heat appliances: Limit the use of all heat appliances or avoid it totally because you don’t want to induce dryness rather you want to infuse moisture. When you do use the hair dryer, make sure you use a warm, not hot, setting.
    7. Use a swimming cap in the pool: This will help keep your hair safe from the chlorinated water.
    8. Use a hat to protect your hair from the sun: This will help secure moisture into your hair and prevent the UV rays from drying your strands.

    How do you protect your hair during summer heat? Are you familiar with any of my methods? Let me know in the comment, i will love to read from you.

    Is Aloe Vera Juice Good For The Hair?

    Aloe Vera for Your Hair: What Are the Benefits?
    Aloe Vera is a plant of the genus Aloe. It is succulent and has thick, fleshy green leaves with a gel-like substance in between its leaves. They grow wild in tropical climates all over the world, and is cultivated for both agricultural and medicinal purposes. It can be successfully grown indoor. 

    Aloe Vera for medicinal purposes

    One of the beauties of aloe Vera is that when it’s gel is applied on a skin rash or burn or wound it soothes it and eventually heals the skin because of its anti-inflammatory properties. I also apply it to my face when it is dry or when I have acne – it is hydrating, it removes impurities, it clears out the dry patches and blemishes, and overall it makes my skin glow. Aloe Vera has been used for centuries for its healing properties.Asides for the skin, aloe Vera also can be used in restoring damaged hair, strengthening hair shaft, hydrating the scalp, infusing moisture to the hair and encourages growth.The best form of aloe vera to use on your hair is the raw gel of the plant. Nevertheless you can also use also use the ones sold in pharmacies or health food shops that come in bottles or tubes.

    Benefits of Aloe Vera on the hair

    1. Helps removes dandruff and eases scalp itching. By nature, Aloe Vera is naturally anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and antibacterial. By helping moisturize the scalp, it effectively helps prevent or reduce overall dandruff.
    1. It acts as a great conditioner and leaves your hair smooth and shiny.
    2. Prevents breakage and promotes hair growth. When your scalp has been cleansed and your hair has been conditioned with aloe vera, you might see that hair breakage and loss slows down.
    3. Strengthens and repairs hair strands. Aloe Vera contains vitamins that contributes in promoting healthy cell growth and shiny hair and prevents hair breakage.

    Using Aloe Vera on the hair

    There are so many ways to incorporate aloe vera into your hair regime:– 
    Aloe Vera as a deep conditioner: In a blender, put 6 spoons of your favorite deep conditioner (mine is, a stick of aloe gel (scrape the gel from the plant), castor oil and a little water, then blend. Apply the mixture section by section to your hair. Wear a shower cap and allow mixture to sit in your hair for 3hrs. Rinse with water.Aloe Vera as a pre-poo treatment: Blend aloe gel, olive oil and 6-8 spoons of your favorite pre-poo product ( mine is
    You can also add the aloe gel to your leave in conditioner and apply to your hair every 2days.


    Rubbing Aloe Vera into your scalp and hair and letting it penetrate your hair follicles could condition and improve damaged, dry hair. 
    NB: Even though aloe Vera is a natural plant you could be allergic, therefore do a patch test on a little portion of your skin and scalp to ensure you are not especially if you will be using it as a leave conditioner. Leave it on for 2hrs to be sure you are risk free.