14 All Time Hairstyles For Your Natural Hair

The hair is usually one of the first thing that get noticed when a person looks at you, maybe that’s why we spend so much time trying to style it to perfection. However there are those times we are stuck on which style to do. Wether it is for a wedding or a friends birthday party or a beach party with colleagues or even a hairstyle to wear to work we will need ideas to switch things up whilst giving us that glow-up look.
Here are some style ideas;

Top bun warrior plait

This historic Nordic Inspirational style still stands out today because of its simple and beautiful outlook. It is referred to as warrior plait because it gives power vibes and can be done in less than 10mins. If you quickly need to get your hair done before you dash out the doors then top bun warrior plait got you.

6 rolled buns updo

This is one of those hairstyles that should be done once in a while because it requires a lot of hair manipulation to get it done. It however remains classy and can be worn to a wedding or any corporate party.

Two strand twist

This is my all time favorite. You can call me old school if you want but who wouldn’t love a hairstyle that can be flexible? Two strand twist is one hairstyle but with you can achieve many other hairstyles when you style it, that’s why I love it. A simple but versatile hairstyle.

Kinky locs

Talking about switching up your outlook with your hairstyle then kinky locs does it. This hairstyle is like fine wine the older the better and can be worn to all kinds of events.

Bantu knots

This is a traditional hairstyle from African origin. Bantu knots can be used as a medium to get lustrous curls or it can be worn as it is or a way to style your braids/locs. It is a brilliant, informal chic hairstyle.

Finger coils

This is a hairstyle that can be playful and formal all at the same time. It is not season choosy, so can be worn in spring/summer/fall/winter. The style is created on wet hair. Wash and condition your hair, then at a time separate a/2/3 ring finger sized portion (depending on how you want each size to be) apply a curl enhancing cream/gel for hold and definition and an oil for shine, then twirl the hair around your finger from the root of your hair to the tip.
This hair style can last up to 2weeks with touch up here and there.

Mohawk on Twist out

Are you looking to do a hairdo that is playful but commands boldness, then Mohawk got you. It has this fierce look to it that makes you have this don’t mess with me look yet it is fun-loving. Mohawks can be created from twists out, braids out, or a Bantu knots out.

Top knot

I like to call this haistyle the prim and proper hairdo. It can be worn to a red carpet event, to the church as well as lunch with the girls. It isn’t picky, it isn’t a snub, it can be here or there and guess what! It can be done in a few minutes!

Braided low bun

Tired of the regular low bun then you can switch things up by doing this braided low bun. If it’s wash day but you are not feeling up to it then yes to this hairstyle. It is unique, classy, cute, stylish and it secures you a place at the table.

Edgy bun with plaits

This hairstyle can be classified as an oldie but goody.

Double braids with a creative twist

Feeling bored of the regular double braids then add some creative twist to it. This hairstyle speaks for itself. It ticks all the boxes of a good hairdo. However visit a professional natural hairstylist to do it, so that your hair stays at it best.

Roll and tuck

This hairstyle is created as the name implies it is basically rolling and tucking your hair piece by piece. It is sophisticated, flattering, and undeniably cosmopolitan.

Alternate buns with twists-out at the back

3words easy, gorgeous and elegant.

Low bun and curls

When a hairstyle can represent everything then you know it is a keeper. This updo is a great way to style your hair for any event.


Which of these hairstyles is/are your best? Have you tried any? Let me know your thoughts, drop a comment below.

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