Hello Big 30

Wow the big 30 is here! *does the happy dance

Why is it called so “The big dirty 30” – i am thinking it is because;

  1. At this age you start to own your sexy
  2. And start to care less about what people will say

When 2017 was upon us (the year i turned 30) i couldn’t resist doing a self examination. You know most people, like me set goals when they turn 20 of things they would love to have accomplished at least by 30.  You know because 30 is like a wake up age, you now realized in full blown out doses that you are really really an adult. You tend to do the the sit-up-back-straight-pet-talk-with-thyself, you know the one that begins with how have i done so far in my life.

I set a date for this self examination, i put it on the 19th of August, 7 days before my 30th birthday (25th of August). When the d-day was approaching (the self examination day) i started to panic, i will randomly break out in sweat in very cool places. I started to feel like if i do not tick off many accomplished boxes then i have failed myself. What a myth!

I will advise this:

  1. Do the self examination at 28 don’t wait still 30.
  2. Put in daily doses of effort to bring you closer to your goals.
  3. Do your very best.
  4. Don’t beat up yourself if after you put in your best you don’t see the expected result.
  5. After you have done your best, leave the rest to God, your effort will eventually flourish.

I have learnt that learning does not have a age bracket, so imagine your best self then go be her!

I will love to read from you, share your thoughts in the comment section.

How To Take The Bold Step To Starting Your YouTube Channel

To start a YouTube channel you will first have to own a gmail account and then start uploading videos. The former is easy-peasy, everybody does that in the blink of an eye. However the challenge is always taking the big leap to upload videos.

For the longest of times, like as far as i could remember, starting a YouTube channel was on my vision board. Year after year i would put it up, however one thing or the other always makes me procrastinate. I will either watch someone else’s video and conclude that i didn’t have what it took or after i make a video i will conclude that it was not good enough. These thoughts limited me from taking a BOLD STEP to start my YouTube channel.

It became clearer with each passing day that,

  1. I needed to believe in my capabilities and start. I knew that, it is one sure way to get past this goal of having a YouTube channel.
  2. I needed to lose the fear of ‘how well will i do’ and believe more in my passion.
  3. I needed to keep in mind that i could use my platform to inspire people and to do that i have to post.

So one day i recorded a video as i normally do but this time i uploaded it on my channel, but guess what the fear crept in again and i couldn’t make it public. I left it private! I was my only viewer until one day i came across a quote “Do it, If you are afraid then do it afraid, just be sure you get it done! In that moment i clicked on my channel, scrolled to the video clicked on public, then i closed my eyes and i clicked saved. 

Lesson learnt;

  1. It doesn’t have to be perfect at first, with time comes great experience.
  2. Practice will make perfection.

Is starting a YouTube Channel one of your goals? What made you eventually start? Or are you planning to start one?

Comment below let’s discuss.


Getting Pregnant After Being Diagnosed With Fibroid

I am going to be a mother. YAY!!!
It still feels surreal because in April 2017 it was confirmed that I had fibroid. I was so devastated. More so when I learnt that there were 3 of them. I and my husband were sitting across from our doctor when he said to us “Madam there are 3 fibroid occupying your womb and they are preventing you from conceiving”. He went on to say that these fibroid are of different varying sizes that are big enough to unable a baby grow steady and healthy. So he advised I do a Laparoscopy.
I wrote a  post where I went into details about this procedure and the waiting phase. Check it out. However to cut the long story short I got pregnant.
I couldn’t believe I was pregnant. You will say why didn’t you believe it, didn’t you see the signs? I did. I saw all of them. However when you have had fibroid these signs mean nothing because you usually have the exact symptoms. From delayed period, to pimples breakout, to unusual weight gain, to being sleepy, and then weakness. Month after month I will get my hopes high and then dashed. So this time I didn’t want to get excited only for my bubbles to get busted until I was 100% sure. I was even afraid to think too far so that I would not jinx anything.
Oh Lord those times!
I just kept on praying and somehow trying to have a mustard seed size faith.
When the result finally came and it was a big fat YES, my husband and I were on planet over joyous. We were so thankful and grateful to God. Although i was advised by my doctors to wait till six months before getting pregnant but God has His ways of doing things. His ways are not our ways. I got pregnant 3 months later.
One unusual symptom I had was nose bleed. This symptom usually occur when I am in a place that is even a little teeny weeny bit stuffy. It started happening from my 2nd trimester and lasted all through my pregnancy. My doctor said it was uncommon but not harmful. However i was advised to be a a well ventilated space always.
Now to another symptom I had, this one is very usual but it was a buzzer to me, it was peeing all the time. Especially after getting comfortable in bed for a good night sleep because when you pregnant getting comfortable is a luxury.
Let me know your thoughts in the comment section.

These Two Factors Are Very Common In Causing Hair Breakage

One true fact is that, nobody likes when their hair breaks. However are we taking the necessary steps to ensure that there are little or no breakage to our hair, is the real question.
Patience is a virtue the Bible says, this also applies to taking care of your hair, you will need to settle well in the patience car seat.
This leads me to the first factor:
For example when you want to take out your hair band and you realize that some strands of hair are strapped tightly to the band to form a knot, instead of impatiently snapping the band to free it from the hair, you will have to take the time to unravel every strand from the band even on the days you are in a hurry. However some ways to prevent or reduce knotting when you use a hair band is;
  1. Make sure before tying your hair to the band, your hair is really smooth and void of loose strands.
  2. Don’t leave the band on your hair for too long. Always better to take it off at the end of the day.
  3. Even though you are aiming for a messy bun always look out for loose strands that can get tangled up on their own.
Another good example is when we comb our hair or brush it. What helps me is curbing hair breakage when I comb my hair are;