5 Reasons Why We Wear Heels

Heels are one of those fashion statement that I have a Love-Hate relationship with. You know those fashion detail we watch on TV, or see in a magazine or see in the streets and take a second look. Yet there are some heels that can be so uncomfortable that you want to change quickly to sneakers or flat slippers.
Each time I see a woman wearing a pair of 4 inch #jimmychoo stilettos or a pair of #Zara platform heels, I ask myself what is making me smile; Is it the graceful nature the woman is walking or the way, as she passes, heads are turning to stare. Some reasons heels are worn are;


When I wear heels it gives me a sense of,’I can do anything and talk to anyone’.It gives you that confidence because when you feel you look good, you actually look good and then do great. Confidence is what we need to take the next bold step, it amazes me how wearing a pair of heel does the trick, makes you feel like you can conquer the world.


When a pair heel are worn have you noticed that the way you walk changes. Your gait becomes more improved. You take more caution when walking whilst also being in control. You strut. Your hip moves in agreement. You look more attractive.


It’s not like a guy won’t notice us if we wear flat shoes haha, but I know what happens when I walk into a room with my #egoofficial savage faux fur heel, heads turn, women gasp, men stare, some smirk. So I guess heel helps to get an attention.


With heels; hips sway more, strides are more articulate and poise deportment is achieved. Heels have a way of reminding us that we are women *wink wink*.


This should have been my number one point haha


When you choose to wear a pair of heel, wear one that is right in size, that way it looks and feels right.However, one thing for certain, with heel you never lose, you either win or you learn.

Let me know your thoughts in the comment section, do you wear heel? What makes you wear it? I will love to read from you.

How To Make An Idea A Reality

Making an idea a reality is dependent on you. These are some key points i came up with that will help turn your idea into a reality;

  1. Preparation is key: Whatever it is you want to achieve. Do you want to be a photographer? Or a fashion mogul? Research on it, do your findings, know what it takes. if, requires you to study then study. You will be surprised at the amount of information you can get on Google. Pinterest as well. I remember when my son turned one month I wanted photography inspiration on what to do, so I went on Pinterest and boom the ideas were over flowing. So be prepared, stay prepared you never know when an opportunity will come running by, you don’t want to be caught  unawares, you want to be ready. After all it is said that success is when opportunity meets preparation.
  2.  I believe in myself: you know that preparation is futile if you have no trust in your capabilities. Whatever it is you are going for doesn’t have to be perfect, start from where you are and it will grow into perfection. Experience they say is the best teacher. What distinguishes a professional from an amateur is Experience. So imagine if that mentor you see in the limelight did not take the first bold step because she did not believe in her strength. She did not think she was enough. Just imagine. The first step to anything is for you to believe you can do it. Little doses of effort is what matters to exceed your expected height. Leverage on your strength and be a master of it. Your belief determines your action and your actions determines your reality.
  3. Positive mindset: It is one thing to believe in yourself it is another thing to believe in the process. Sometimes what stops you is not your doubt in yourself it is your doubt in the process. From the word go you already doubt that it will work. Having a positive mindset will definitely turn things into a positive outcome. Believe your goal is achievable.
  4. I weigh my possibilities: The other day I was on the phone with a very close friend, she is an interior designer, she wanted to know if I thought it was a good idea to send her designs to some celebrities. And I said, yes girl go for it! My babe knew as well that it was a great idea, but she was worried her designs will be rejected. So this is what I told her, I laid out the possibilities of the outcome if she goes ahead with the proposal, they either say yes, or say no or not even respond to you. And from these outline I only see a gain no losses because if they say no or don’t respond you will assume you didn’t send the mail. Now what if they say yes. Whatever you choose to do weigh your options, “I’m I going to win by doing this or I’m I going to lose” it’s always good to be open to all the possibilities so that no matter what you get, it will not hinder you from taking the next step. Know that even when you receive a no or a closed door it should not stop your shine. if, is an investment you are looking to doing, speak to your financial manager to know your options or even if you are caught between going to school or investing your time in a business, weigh your options. Always exhaust all your possibilities before making a choice. But make a smart choice.
  5. It’s okay to be scared: whenever I’m in a border-line space “can I or can I not”, for example let’s say I’m a poet but nobody has seen my work, because I’m afraid people will see it and not like it, what makes me eventually take the plunge is l tell myself this great poet, for instance William Shakespeare who is widely regarded as the greatest English writer and the worlds the greatest dramatist or Emily Dickinson who wrote unique poems, they would not be known today as great if he/ she had kept their work for themselves because they were afraid the world will not like it or accept it. You know, when I mentally picture a great man or woman as a novice in the beginning it makes me realize that it’s okay to be scared or unsure in the beginning in as much as you don’t stay scared or even if you are still scared just do it scared.

My Laparoscopy Story

This is the continuation of discovery phase of the fibroid in my womb.

When we were told our only option was an operation obviously my husband and I were super scared but we kept our faith strong through prayers.

The doctor scheduled us for the operation a month and 1 week from that day. We were given some medicines I was supposed to take 3 days before the surgery and also a meal plan.

According to our doctor, Laparoscopy type of operation is done in the abdomen or pelvis with small cuts. Healing is usually very fast but as humans we cannot help but think the worst. Haha!

The d-day finally came. We got to the hospital a day before, I was given 2 liters drink that will help clear my stomach. The drink (i can’t remember the name) made me go to toilet from that night up until the time for the operation on the next day. I wasn’t suppose to eat anything on that day so I didn’t. I was cut in three places on my left lower abdomen, right and the in the center. Before the operation I was given through intravenous a sleeping medicine. So I only woke up after the operation.

The healing process

When I woke up, I remember feeling so thirsty, as in my throat was so patched. I don’t know if it is because of the medicine i was given or the fact that i went to toilet so much. I was feeling an uneasy pain in my abdomen region, the reason is not far fetched since i just had an operation. However i was given intravenous drip that helped over came the thirst because i was not allowed to drink or eat until i made air, it also made the pain subside.

I slept well through the night. In the morning after i made air i had breakfast (at about 11:30am). Later that evening i walked around and also went to pee by myself. By the morning i was discharged.

From thence healing went smoothly. I didn’t feel any other pain and was up and about in no time. The stitches plaster were taken off about two weeks after the operation.

About 4 months after the operation i got pregnant. hurray!

My advise to you: if fibroid is your truth or waiting to get pregnant, do always follow the advise of our doctor. However keep you faith strong and stay positive. I know how hard the wait before pregnant is. My mom kept saying to me; don’t put your mind on getting pregnant, take your mind off it and baby will come. Ah, i remember always praying to God that; Dear Lord, this is what mom says, however please bless me with my baby because i cannot stop thinking about him/her.

Those times were hard for me and i’m sure it is for you but don’t lose your faith, stay strong, stay happy and keep speaking to God, He listens.

Thank you for taking the time to read through. I will love to read from you, please share your thoughts below.

The Discovery Phase Of The Fibroid

It was around 3pm. I had just finished watching my favorite program THE REAL DAYTIME SHOW #therealdaytimeshow . As I got up from the cushion the remote control fell, in the same instant i bent to pick it, I felt this numb pain in my right lower abdomen, I thought nothing of it because in the past I have felt such a pain but it never lasts more than 10 minutes. So I went about my duties for the day. But by 10pm this pain had not stopped. I told my husband about it, he as well didn’t think it was a big deal but advised I drink more water before we go to bed. However i couldn’t sleep.

In the morning we had to go to the hospital to see what was causing the pain. The pain was occurring after every 5 seconds.

The doctor did a scan and informed me that there was Fibroid in my uterus and that was what was causing the pain and advised I see a gynecologist. I thought the worst of the situation, I was so shattered, thank God for my husband he is my strength.

We visited a gynecologist the next day. The pain had stopped by now. The doctor examined me through an ultrasound, then said he sees 2 fibroid in my womb. I was like 2 2 2 two? He tried his best to allay our worries and gave us some medicine that I will take for 3 months. He said this tablet will help shrink the fibroid thereby enabling me to conceive. Hmm I had mix feelings but obeyed and took the medicine daily for 3 months. My husband also googled some natural remedies that could help in shrinking it, he came up with beet root, honey, orange, ginger, garlic and apple cider vinegar. I blended everything together and drank 3-5 glasses daily.

At the end of the 3 months we went back to the gynecologist, he did a scan to check the state of the fibroid and to our surprise he informed us that it has reduced by a considerable amount therefore it is possible that we will be able to conceive within the month. You have no idea how excited we were. We went home and started trying and trying and trying. But no luck. 4 months later still no luck. By this point we were really worried with a lot of questions on our mind;
1. Did the fibroid really shrink?
2. Okay let’s say like the doctor said the fibroid reduced considerably! So then what is causing the delay?
3. Even though there are two fibroid that has shrunk considerably will there be room still to accommodate a baby?

Ah we were so worried. To allay our worries we agreed that it was better to visit another gynecologist without giving him our history to see if his analysis will agree with the other gynecologist. We saw another gynecologist as agreed. I was scheduled for a scan a month later however in the interim I was supposed to do vaginal swab test and I and my husband will do some blood and urine test. Sperm test was supposed to come after the scan.

On the day we were scheduled for the scan we went to the hospital with all of our hopes flying high and our fingers crossed because almost 7 months ago we were excited when the gynecologist told us we were good to go for pregnancy now we had no idea what this gynecologist would say.

I laid down on the scanning bed took up my blouse, then I put my right hand over my eyes, oh my world I didn’t want to see the doctors expression when he was performing the scan. He did a two way scan, on my stomach and then through my vaginal. After the scan the doctor sat I and my husband across from him and informed us that there was no way I could conceive without a surgery (laparoscopy) that there were 3 large fibroid in my womb. We were numb. A surgery?! And then 3 fibroid?! I couldn’t understand what was going on or understand why fibroid keep increasing?! Apparently fibroid grows!

My husband and I agreed however that we should do the surgery.

In my next post I will write all about the Laparoscopy procedure. So stay tuned 😊.

As always I will love to hear from you, please share your thoughts below.