Key Practices In Making Your Hair Healthy And Full

The way my hair tangles. The way it is a disaster to put a comb in it. Those headaches. When it is dried, how it looks and feels, very indescribable. How many times have I said I’m tired of this hair. How many times have I said why haven’t I used a relaxer yet?!
Urgg the horror! Yet our hair is a blessing!
You see God is perfect and everything he does is perfect. He gave us our hair, so it means our hair should be one of the definition of our beauty, so it is perfect.
It is said that God will never give you more than you can handle. So if your hair is work then you are equivalent to the task.

How can you handle your hair like a piece of cake?

Learn about your hair; Knowing your hair will help you conquer the horror you feel towards it. Knowing your hair will show you it’s best sides. Knowing your hair will help you wear your crown in all her glory without you feeling embarrassed.
How do I know my Hair?
Start a regimen: you may say what does it even mean to start a regimen?! Now this is what it means; there are various types of treatment for our hair

  1. Deep conditioning treatment: This is when you apply one or more conditioners to your hair and leave it on your hair for a period of time.
  2. The protein treatment: This is when you apply protein rich products on your hair to build the strength of the hair shaft and also to avoid hair thinning.
  3. The hot oil treatment: This is a long term viability to infuse moisture into the hair. It also helps in strengthening the hair shaft.
  4. Apple cider vinegar treatment: When you have product build up and you are not in the mood for a shampoo, then hello apple cider vinegar (ACV). An ACV treatment reduces itching of the scalp and removes flakiness.
  5. Shampooing: This is the washing of the hair with shampoo.

These are my preferences.

Now this is how a regimen will look like;

Deep Conditioning 

You might want to stick to one conditioner for a period of 6months. That is you will do this treatment once every week. You will definitely start to notice the advantages and disadvantages of that condition and how it benefits your hair or don’t.

The protein treatment

This can be done once every month or in two months, it will depend on the state of your hair. You can use mayonnaise, egg, avocado e.t.c to achieve this.

The hot oil treatment 

This can be done once in two weeks or in a month. It also depends on the state of your hair.

Apple cider vinegar

ACV doesnt have to be done within a particular timeline. Whenever you feel the need to do an ACV rinse, go for it.


You can shampoo once in a month or in 6weeks. In the interim you can wash with conditioners.

Once you’ve started a regimen STICK TO IT you will start to know what process works for you and then what doesn’t. When to do a process and when not to do it. What products works for you and what doesn’t. What ingredients in a product works for you and which won’t suit you.

How do i know if a product works for me?

Look closely at how your hair feels after each activity. How does it feel when you comb through with your fingers or with a comb. Is it soft and easily managed or does it snag and snap?


How do you take care of your hair?Apart from infusing moisture to your hair to improve its state there are other little things you should be doing that helps it. Like they say little drops of water makes a mighty ocean;

  1. Wear a satin cap before sleeping; yes girl, you don’t want all those juiciness enriched in your hair being snatched by your pillow. Except you are using a satin pillow case.
  2. Use a wide tooth comb or a teaser brush; it will ensure less breakage. Always start combing your hair from the tips of your hair, then work your way carefully to the roots.
  3. Don’t forget to massage your scalp even when you have a protective style on. The scalp is where the hair grows from you want to be sure it gets the necessary tender loving care.
  4. If you notice split ends at the tips of your hair then you will need to get a trim. Split ends snags the rest of the hair and causes it to break. You can either trim it yourself or go to a hair stylist.
  5. The best form of moisture is water. Just like the plants our hair needs water to grow. Spray it with little drops of water every day and it will keep flourishing.

I hope you can relate to this article and find it interesting. Write your thoughts below I will love to read from you. Thank you.

Five Tips And Tricks To Washing The Natural Hair

I remember when I started my natural hair journey I hated wash day. It was a real struggle to wash that thick mass (if you know what I mean). My hair will be so dry my fingers would hurt while navigating through it, there will be a lot of hair snapping here and there and the breakage uggh..I would cringe when I know wash day was coming.
I knew by all cause that I have to make wash day work.
Here are a few things that helped me make wash day feel like heaven:

  1. Know how well or not a product works for you: I was one of those people who use to think that pricey equals good for me, or good advert on tv equals good for me or even because the bottle is colourful and very attractive the product should be good for me. You will never catch me in a store reading the ingredients on the bottle or acknowledging the consistency of the product. When I started knowing my shampoos and conditioners my wash day became jolly.
  2. Know my hair: This may sound too cliche but it’s true. For example coconut oil is a product advertised by many to be the go to product. Don’t get me wrong I love me some coconut oil but my hair does not receive it well as an all the time product. For my hair to love it I have to limit usage to once in 2months.
  3. Everyday should not be washday: I remember those days when I was figuring my way through this natural hair journey. I will use shampoo a lot, a whole lot. Geez! I thought I was doing the right thing but I was wrong. I eventually started to realize that and limited usage to once in 6-8weeks. In between I would stick to only a conditioner (co-wash).
  4. Split ends: wowzer! Who would have thought that something as minor as that could result to a hectic wash day. Glorious was the day when I started letting those split ends go. I trim my ends hair once every 6months. Split ends causes hair to tangle and will eventually lead to breakage.
  5. Washing in sections: This will help reduce the work. When you wash your hair in sections you will be surprised at how easily your hair will be managed. It will also help reduce tangles or knots and make you accumulate less time in washing your hair.


The key to a jolly wash day is consistency in moisturizing your hair because if your hair is moisturized it has qualities like luscious, healthy and soft. There are so many ways to input moisture one of which is hot oil treatment. I will do another post on other ways moisture can be incorporated into the hair.
How do you find wash day? Do you enjoy it or do you cringe when you know wash day is coming?Comment below, looking forward to read from you.

Five Ways To Grow Your Hair Effectively

Raise your hand, If you are like me that wants your hair to grow and also retain that growth. I know a lot of us do!
However the notion of having a long hair, has held our minds prisoner. Due to this we do the reverse – we discourage hair growth. You may be wondering how?
To show signs of hair growth the ‘yes’ box must be ticked to these questions –
Is my hair full of moisture? and
I’m i consistently trying to keep my hair healthy?
Now some people equate long hair to mean healthy hair and that is the beginning of a doomsday scenario. Don’t get me wrong I know there people who are blessed with long hair genes. However luscious, glowing and general healthy hair takes work. Long hair is good but the ultimate goal is healthy hair and they in no way mean the same thing.
Here is a full retrospect of how I was held prisoner by the thought I want a long hair; 4 years ago I cut my hair because I wanted to start a new hair journey without including relaxer in it. You see I had a FULL, LONG relaxed hair and i needed my hair to have those qualities again sharp sharp! So I was doing the very thing that was slowing my pace in achieving a long hair but of course I had no idea;
  • I will hang on to split ends because the thought of cutting my hair for any reason was unacceptable. Your girl wants long hair! What I did not know was that with split ends I could never achieve long hair. Split ends can occur in any part of the hair but because the ends of the hair are the oldest part of it they are majorly prone to that area. Split ends are the fraying of the hair due to dryness and they lead to hair breakage. So you see why I needed to trim those ends.
  • I will buy products based on the fact that it claims “helps to achieve long hair”. I will not check if it has ingredients that will dry my hair thereby exposing my hair to breakage. No, your girl is mesmerized by the thought of long hair she is not looking past it.
  • I will do every YouTube tutorial that says “do this and you will have a long hair”. Even if I just did one yesterday I will do another one today. I did not know that over manipulation was hindering growth and when growth is hindered long hair is far-fetched.
The five ways to achieve effective growth are;
  1. Moisturize hair: when moisture is infused adequately and consistently to the hair it responds by growing robust and adding more length.
  2. Trim split ends: This is because split ends tangle up with the rest of the hair and cause it to break.
  3. Avoid over manipulation of the hair: This will help you keep new growth.
  4. Know your oils: When you study your hair you will know when to use which oil and when, for example adding castor oil to your hair regimen will help strengthen your hair shaft thereby making it retain growth and thickness.
  5. Massage your scalp: This will keep the blood cells in the region active and make the hair shaft prone for new and steady growth.
As soon as I started realizing to set my priorities right, things started falling in place. I started to understand that caring for my hair in the right way will give me a healthy hair and if I have that, I am definitely on my way to a long hair!
Do you have a long hair? Did you incorporate a healthy habit to achieve your long hair?
Share your thoughts down below, as always i will love to read from you. Thank you.


Hair Style Inspiration For Natural Hair


Raise your hand if your hair is natural and you have never done the two strands twist before? I’m sure nobody’s hand(s) is up because at some point or all the time the two strand twist comes to play.


  1. RESEMBLANCE TO LOCS: One reason that makes me do it almost all the time is it’s resemblance to locs. I love locs but I’m not ready to commit to locking my hair, I still like the idea of breezing my fingers through my mane. So two strands twisty locs to the rescue.
  2. ITS VERSATILITY: Twists are known to be versatile, you can wear them as twist or you can twist them out. In either phase there are multiple styles that can be generated.
  3. IT NEVER FADES AWAY: Another good thing about the two strand twist is that it is not restrictive of age. When twist are done on little girls it is usually decorated with beads to beautify her hair. Boys wear their without the beads, and yes twists are not gender restrictive.
  4. THE OLDER THE BETTER: Two strands twist are like fine wine, the older it gets the better it looks. So it’s a style you can wear if you want to look good but are not ready to keep changing hairstyles. Like the case of after birth, I made the twist and carried it for 6 weeks because in between diaper changing, bottle feeding and sleep hunting who had time for salon visits, obviously not me. However the older it got the better looking it got.
  5. TO STRETCH YOUR HAIR: Natural hair and shrinkage are two best friends. As they say shrinkage is a sign of healthy hair. Making two strand twist is a good natural way to stretch your hair. When looking to run away from heat the race is towards two strands twist to get the actual length of your hair.


I created this chic style that involves two dutch weaves in the front half of my hair. The first dutch weave was created to form an L-shaped pattern and the second dutch weave the same but with a smaller L-shaped pattern.

The other half of my hair which is the back side, has mini sized bantu knots. As you will learn in the video below bantu knots is simply turning your plaited hair-strand(s) into knots.

The combination of the two patterns resulted to this very chic style.


Warrior braid is one of the oldest hairstyle that has stood the test of time. One thing for sure that keeps it going strong is its simplicity yet it carries this embodiment of beauty.

This hairstyle has proven to be great for any condition or situation. As a hunter, if you going to hunt and you throw in a warrior braid you don’t look out of place Or as a cook or a horse rider or a ballerina or ever a musician. All these professions are different and of different categories yet this hairstyle stays constant.

Two strand twist is that kind of hairstyle you can refer to as all-in-one. When you dress up to go to work, it’s a hairstyle that will make you look cooperate, yet after work when you go to have a drink or two with the girls, your hair still comes rocking and guess what, you still don’t look out of place.

Have you done two strands twist before? What do you think of it? Is it something you still wear? What makes you wear the two strands twist?

As always let me read your thoughts in the comment section. Looking forward to read from you. Thank you.