Review On Some Amazon High Rated Hair Detangling Products

Detangling the hair with products is the ability to unravel any knot or snag with little or no breakage and without alteration to your curl pattern. Using hair detangling products is to help your hair feel soft and with slip.

Before i discovered this easy-go- to-method of detangling, i would detangle only on wash days when my hair is saturated with conditioner, that way it is easy to comb through my mass of hair without snap and snag here and there.

However in between changing hair styles with wash day still far off, and my hair is in a knotty, tangled and unmanageable state, at this point the best bet is a detangling product. Some products with detangling claim will help you experience a smooth detangling process without having to go the whole 10 yards of a wash day routine and give you that lush look and feel you want.

Some products you can try;

I went on Amazon to check out products that claims to detangle and i filtered by highest rated.  I picked 6 products from the lots that had 5 stars.

5 stars means that those who used the product reviewed it as capable to do what it says or do even better than it says. No less.

Below are the list of products i got;

1. Not Your Mother Naturals. Tahitian Gardenia Flowers & Mango Butter Curl Defining Detangler.

2. Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus Kids Extra Moisturizing Detangler.

3. Black Vanilla (Moisture and Shine) 4 in 1 Combing Creme by Carol’s Daughter.

4. Taliah Waajid. The Great Detangler.

5. Kinky Curly Knot Today Detangler.

6. Cantu Coil Calm Detangler.

Below i will rate the products from  1 through 10, that is to say from Not so good product to great product for my hair.

Not Your Mother Naturals. Tahitian Gardenia Flowers & Mango Butter Curl Defining Detangler:

Claim: Detangles, adds shine and hydrate to enhance curls.

Direction: Spray on to damp hair. Comb through and style as desired.

Result: I did not like this product while using it and after i used it. I did not like the way the product made my hair feel. If i were to describe the feeling i will say starchy, so overall it is not a good product for my hair. I also did not like the spray bottle, it was hard to manage.

Rating: 3.5

Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus Kids Extra Moisturizing Detangler:

I know this product says for kids but if it can untangle a knotty hair of a child why shouldn’t it detangle mine, right?

Claim: This mild moisture enrich treatment defines, detangles and tames children’s thick wavy hair without greasiness. Restores dry to dull hair.

Direction: Apply to wet hair.

Result: I liked the scent. It has this light and refreshing scent that makes you feel good that you are doing your hair, however the lightness didn’t make it look like it was going to work.

It helped detangle my hair but i had to use a lot  to reach my level of manageability.

It made my hair look juicy with a little hydration but if you felt my hair it lacks that slippery feel that agrees that my hair is moisturized.

Rating: 4.5

Black Vanilla (Moisture and Shine) 4 in 1 Combing Creme by Carol’s Daughter:

Claim: It is for dry, dull brittle hair. Easily detangles, moisturizes and enhances natural shine and preps hair for manageable styling.

Direction: Use on wet hair to detangle and add shine.

Result: While using the product i liked the way it made my hair feel and after using the product i liked the springy and hydrated way my hair felt and looked. The product had more slip.

Very good packaging that dispense product nicely.

Moisturized my hair. It gave my hair that luscious look.

However the product did not penetrate my hair fast.

Rating: 9.0

Taliah Waajid. The Great Detangler:

I was looking forward to trying this product because of the claim, THE GREAT DETANGLER. For such a huge claim you won’t blame me if i wanted my hair to melt like butter from start to finish.

Claim: It eliminates tangles on contact, softens hair and defines curl pattern. Stops breakage while combing curly, kinky, coily and wavy hair.

Direction: Use on wet or dry hair and apply liberal amount. Use fingers to work the product through the hair and to loosen tangles. Then use a medium to large tooth comb to detangle.

Result: The product did detangle my hair pretty well, however it made my hair feel heavy like it had a lot of product in it and yet it didn’t feel like it was moisturized. Overall it didn’t feel nice.

Rating: 5.0

Kinky Curly Knot Today Detangler:

Claim: You can’t get that comb glide through your hair, well knot today. This creamy conditioner is enriched with botanical extracts. It is designed to smooth and to remove knots, snags from thick curly hair.

Result: The product felt nice and creamy. It gave my hair a lot of slip and moisturized it.

Rating: 7.5

Cantu Coil Calm Detangler:

Claim: It smoothes coils for soft tangle free hair. Adds shine and moisturizes strands. Made with Shea butter.

Direction: Spray on to damp hair section by section. Comb through and style as usual.

Result: I like the smell of the product however the spray bottle is hard to manage.

The product detangled my hair very well but i wish it had a little more slip. Even though it out-rightly detangled my hair i could see that it lacked hydration.

Rating: 8.5


I hope this review will be helpful to you when trying to decide on a good detangler to use. However this is a review on how these products made my hair feel you might have a different experience.

If you have been using detangling products, let me know what you use and how it makes your hair feel? If you are yet to try one, why haven’t tried yet and which one will you like to try out?

Share your thoughts below in the comment section. I will love to read from you.

This Natural Remedy Helps With Dandruff

For some, dandruff is in their hair when their scalp is dry. For others it comes when their hairstyles are tightly done or when their scalp has been over manipulated. Either ways dandruff does not leave a good memory when it appears.

Two very common disadvantages of having dandruff are;

  1. Itchy Scalp: Whatever the cause of dandruff on your hair be sure that it will keep your scalp itchy and when you itch there is an urge to keep itching and itching. However, no matter how strong the urge is to itch, it is safer not to relent because the more you itch the more the dandruff.
  2. Flaky Scalp: The appearance of flakes usually means dandruff is building up. This flakes are quite obvious and hard to hide. Most times it appears dusty and can be quite embarrassing.

However, these are some ways you can avoid dandruff are;

  1. Keep your scalp well oiled, this will keep it from being dry because you know dry scalp equals dandruff.
  2. Avoid very tight styles because when the scalp is over labored it brings out dandruff.
  3. Wash your hair at least once a month to keep your scalp clean.
  4. If a product causes your hair to be flakky wash your hair as soon as you notice to avoid build up.

Natural remedy of removing dandruff;

  1. Blend 1clove of ginger, 1/2 clove garlic and 1/2 clove of onions with apple cider vinegar.
  2. Divide your hair into small portion.
  3. Apply the blended paste unto the scalp of your hair. Be sure to reach every nook and cranny.
  4. Wear a shower cap, so that the mixture can be well infused into your scalp.
  5. Wash with a shampoo and conditioner after 1-2hours.
  6. Do this again after 2 weeks.


What happens when you mix oil and something powdery together? …. Exactly!So the key to fight dandruff is to regularly keep you scalp clean and well oiled.
Let me know in the comment section; have you struggled with dandruff before? How were you able to rid yourself of it? Looking forward to reading from you.