Does Conditioner Make The Hair Fall Off?

Conditioners are meant to make the hair soft, easily manageable, they are meant to combats frizz, and moisturized the hair. However I heard some people say it makes their hair fall off. Why is that?

Is it the conditioner causing hair fall?

Conditioner helps keep your hair looking and feeling healthy. People often think that because it makes the hair soft there is a tendency the hair could fall off because of the softness. But this is not true. There is no study that suggests conditioners cause the hair to fall out.

Why you might think it is the conditioner

So if your hair falls off while using a conditioner, you will simply assume that it is the fault of the conditioner. These are some steps to follow before picking a conditioner for your hair type;

  • For thin and brittle hair choose conditioners geared towards repairing damaged hair and helps with moisture retention.
  • For hair that breaks/sheds use conditioners that fortifies hair to improve elasticity, promotes growth and retention and strengthens hair.
  • For dull hair seek conditioners that delivers long lasting softness and shine to the hair.
  • To improve scalp health use conditioners that hydrates the scalp without stripping it and has essential vitamins that improve/maintain scalp health and protect hair from harmful UV rays.
  • For bold Afro textured hair use conditioners that has tons of slip to help detangle and remove knots, also seals and smoothes cuticles to improve shine and leaves your hair super soft, silky and frizz-free, allowing moisture and nutrients penetrate effectively and encouraging true texture to blossom.
  • If your hair is dyed you don’t have to use only conditioners for colored hair, you could also add any of the above to your hair regimen depending on how your hair feels.

When you know your hair type, choose a conditioner suited for you.

Things to note when you use a conditioner

  1. Understand your hair type and use a conditioner made for it.
  2. How the conditioner makes your hair feel when using it is important. As I highlighted earlier a conditioner should make the hair soft, easily manageable, combats frizz, and moisturize the hair, anything other than this means the conditioner is not meant for you. A conditioner should not make your hair snag and snap choose the product wisely.
  3. Read the instructions on the product and follow adequately step by step.
  4. A conditioner does not heal split ends, cut those ends off and start a healthy hair care regimen from a fresh start.
  5. Your hair needs MOISTURE for growth and good health, the conditioner you use should promote this.
  6. A conditioner can mildly clean the hair, so you can opt out for it to limit usage of shampoo to once a month.


We have been able to deduce that conditioner does not make the hair fall but in fact improves the overall health of the hair. However to stay safe limit usage of leave in conditioners to once a week because everyday usage can lead to product build up and cause more harm than good.

I will love to read from you, write your thoughts in the comment.

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