How To Keep Your Natural Hair Moisturized In Summer Heat

When summer heat wave strikes we find that most times our hair is sapped of moisture because the temperature is high and this can make our hair and scalp dry leading to hair breakage and split ends.

How to lock in moisture into your hair in summer heat

There are several measures to take to help keep your hair feel alive and bouncy even with the heat intensity, they are;

  1. Deep condition your hair once a week: Deep conditioning is a good way to infuse moisture into your hair. You want to use products that promote moisture and keep dryness away. For example honey is a natural humectant, which means that it can draw moisture to your hair and keep it there. Aloe Vera is another good humectant. Do a blend of Honey, Aloe Vera, Avocado, Apple cider vinegar, and Olive oil. Apply the mix section by section to each strand of your hair. Wear a shower cap and leave for 4hrs. Rinse with a conditioner.
  2. Use a daily spritz. (In a spray bottle, put 70%water, 20%leave-in-conditioner and 10%water, shake the mixture well before spraying): Have it in a carry-on Size so that you can have it handy. During summer with the intensity of the heat you will need a refresher to keep your hair constantly soft and well hydrated.
  3. Ensure all the products you use are water based: Like how water is the cure for dehydration that is the same way it revives a dry hair. Water is the best moisturizer. Look out for product that have water at the top of their list because then you know goal to kick out dryness is achieved. You can also apply water directly to your hair and then seal with an oil.
  4. Refrain from sulfate shampoo: Or if you can help it from shampoo altogether. You can use a conditioner instead. All you have to do is scrub your scalp properly after you apply the conditioner.
  5. Use lighter products: For example You can switch from gels to styling creams, which tend to be a more moisturizing formula for styles. The lighter hair stylers may not give you hold that will last for a week, but their water-based formulas will be more moisturizing.
  6. Heat appliances: Limit the use of all heat appliances or avoid it totally because you don’t want to induce dryness rather you want to infuse moisture. When you do use the hair dryer, make sure you use a warm, not hot, setting.
  7. Use a swimming cap in the pool: This will help keep your hair safe from the chlorinated water.
  8. Use a hat to protect your hair from the sun: This will help secure moisture into your hair and prevent the UV rays from drying your strands.

How do you protect your hair during summer heat? Are you familiar with any of my methods? Let me know in the comment, i will love to read from you.

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