Is Aloe Vera Juice Good For The Hair?

Aloe Vera for Your Hair: What Are the Benefits?
Aloe Vera is a plant of the genus Aloe. It is succulent and has thick, fleshy green leaves with a gel-like substance in between its leaves. They grow wild in tropical climates all over the world, and is cultivated for both agricultural and medicinal purposes. It can be successfully grown indoor. 

Aloe Vera for medicinal purposes

One of the beauties of aloe Vera is that when it’s gel is applied on a skin rash or burn or wound it soothes it and eventually heals the skin because of its anti-inflammatory properties. I also apply it to my face when it is dry or when I have acne – it is hydrating, it removes impurities, it clears out the dry patches and blemishes, and overall it makes my skin glow. Aloe Vera has been used for centuries for its healing properties.Asides for the skin, aloe Vera also can be used in restoring damaged hair, strengthening hair shaft, hydrating the scalp, infusing moisture to the hair and encourages growth.The best form of aloe vera to use on your hair is the raw gel of the plant. Nevertheless you can also use also use the ones sold in pharmacies or health food shops that come in bottles or tubes.

Benefits of Aloe Vera on the hair

  1. Helps removes dandruff and eases scalp itching. By nature, Aloe Vera is naturally anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and antibacterial. By helping moisturize the scalp, it effectively helps prevent or reduce overall dandruff.
  1. It acts as a great conditioner and leaves your hair smooth and shiny.
  2. Prevents breakage and promotes hair growth. When your scalp has been cleansed and your hair has been conditioned with aloe vera, you might see that hair breakage and loss slows down.
  3. Strengthens and repairs hair strands. Aloe Vera contains vitamins that contributes in promoting healthy cell growth and shiny hair and prevents hair breakage.

Using Aloe Vera on the hair

There are so many ways to incorporate aloe vera into your hair regime:– 
Aloe Vera as a deep conditioner: In a blender, put 6 spoons of your favorite deep conditioner (mine is, a stick of aloe gel (scrape the gel from the plant), castor oil and a little water, then blend. Apply the mixture section by section to your hair. Wear a shower cap and allow mixture to sit in your hair for 3hrs. Rinse with water.Aloe Vera as a pre-poo treatment: Blend aloe gel, olive oil and 6-8 spoons of your favorite pre-poo product ( mine is
You can also add the aloe gel to your leave in conditioner and apply to your hair every 2days.


Rubbing Aloe Vera into your scalp and hair and letting it penetrate your hair follicles could condition and improve damaged, dry hair. 
NB: Even though aloe Vera is a natural plant you could be allergic, therefore do a patch test on a little portion of your skin and scalp to ensure you are not especially if you will be using it as a leave conditioner. Leave it on for 2hrs to be sure you are risk free.

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