I went on my normal run for my beauty products and spotted the luster s-curl gel sitting pretty on the top shelf in the right side of the beauty shop. Gel was on my shopping list so naturally I went to look closely at it. I was about to drop it and check out other gels when I spotted NO SHRINKAGE! This can’t be true, no shrinkage?I have seen so many products but one that promises no shrinkage and will not in the same breath texturize your hair? I was totally blown away. So I bought it.
Below are the details of the gel;
Size: NET WT. 297g 10.5oz
Product Claim:

  1. Non-greasy formula
  2. Lite in texture
  3. Anti frizz
  4. With olive oil
  5. With Argan oil
  6. Paraben free
  7. Eliminates the shrinkage factor

My take:

  1. The gel has a light consistency even after application it didn’t feel heavy on my hair. 
  2. It was not sticky or greasy.
  3. However, on the next day I had so much flakes all over my hair. The gel left a lot of white residue on my hair.
  4. And then it didn’t eliminate the shrinkage factor like it promised.

Will I use it again? Only if I’m using it for a day.

Did it make my curls pop? Yes it did.

.Do I recommend it?

Yes – if it is for your curls.

Yes – if you are going for a light gel.

No – to remove shrinkage.

No – want a long term style.

 In the comment section let me know your thoughts. Have you used lusters s-curl? What was your experience like? Write to me I will love to read from you.



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