Is It True That Rubbing A Light Sun Burn On The Scalp/Hair Avoids The Formation Of Bubbles/Blisters?

Often times we find that we experience sunburn on the scalp because we remember to put SPF (sun screen protector) on the rest of our body but not our scalp yet our scalp is not left out when the sun is out to play. Sunburn on the scalp or hair is not different from sunburn on the leg or hand, so it should be treated with caution too.

Some don’ts of sunburn on the scalp:

  1. Don’t expose the affected area to the sun after a sunburn: Use a hat if you must go out in the sun.
  2. Don’t rub a sunburn: It is always best to leave the affected area alone when you have a sunburn. Rubbing it can cause more damage.
  3. Don’t do tight styles: exerting pressure on the burn will not help for quick recovery. So avoid pulling up your bun too tightly or making tight plaits.
  4. Avoid washing your scalp: Until the burn has healed it is better to avoid washing the scalp because chemicals from the shampoo used could irritate the burn and cause further pain or damage. However you can run water through your hair to remove product build up.
  5. Avoid using chemicals like dyes: wait until the burn has completely healed before using any form of chemical on the scalp.
  6. Don’t apply heat to your hair.

A quick natural remedy of sunburn on the scalp:

Once you notice that your scalp has been burnt by the sun, apply a mixture of Aloe Vera juice and Shea butter to the affected area. The ratio of the mixture should be 70% (Aloe Vera juice) to 30% (Shea butter). Apply every two hours.
Why this works:Aloe vera contains proteolytic enzymes that help heal and repair dead skin cells. 

Shea butter contains high concentrations of fatty acids and vitamins making it an ideal cosmetic ingredient for the skin. Shea butter also has anti-inflammatory and healing properties. Using shea butter on your burnt scalp will condition, tone, and soothe your skin.This combination has ALWAYS worked for me and my family, you can even freeze the combo to give you cooling relief (but this should be used only one application in a day. For the rest of the day the combination should be in its natural state) however if after applying the mixture for a day and you don’t notice a considerable improvement visit your dermatologist doctor.


It is always best to treat your scalp burn like a regular burn, rubbing it could increase pain, make the situation worse and lengthen the healing process. When there a burn always best not to stress the hair or scalp at all.Have you had a sunburn on your scalp? How did it heal? Share your thoughts down below I will love to read from you.

How To Do Stylish Warrior Braid

Warrior braid is one of the oldest hairstyle that has stood the test of time. One thing for sure that keeps it going strong is its simplicity yet it carries this embodiment of beauty.

This hairstyle has proven to be great for any condition or situation. As a hunter, if you going to hunt and you throw in a warrior braid you don’t look out of place Or as a cook or a horse rider or a ballerina or ever a musician. All these professions are different and of different categories yet this hairstyle stays constant.

Let me know your thoughts in the comment section i will love to read from you.


I went on my normal run for my beauty products and spotted the luster s-curl gel sitting pretty on the top shelf in the right side of the beauty shop. Gel was on my shopping list so naturally I went to look closely at it. I was about to drop it and check out other gels when I spotted NO SHRINKAGE! This can’t be true, no shrinkage?I have seen so many products but one that promises no shrinkage and will not in the same breath texturize your hair? I was totally blown away. So I bought it.
Below are the details of the gel;
Size: NET WT. 297g 10.5oz
Product Claim:

  1. Non-greasy formula
  2. Lite in texture
  3. Anti frizz
  4. With olive oil
  5. With Argan oil
  6. Paraben free
  7. Eliminates the shrinkage factor

My take:

  1. The gel has a light consistency even after application it didn’t feel heavy on my hair. 
  2. It was not sticky or greasy.
  3. However, on the next day I had so much flakes all over my hair. The gel left a lot of white residue on my hair.
  4. And then it didn’t eliminate the shrinkage factor like it promised.

Will I use it again? Only if I’m using it for a day.

Did it make my curls pop? Yes it did.

.Do I recommend it?

Yes – if it is for your curls.

Yes – if you are going for a light gel.

No – to remove shrinkage.

No – want a long term style.

 In the comment section let me know your thoughts. Have you used lusters s-curl? What was your experience like? Write to me I will love to read from you.