Key Tips To Staying Motivated

It is important we keep staying inspired and motivated for growth both in our personal lives and in our career.
I will simply define being motivated as the act of being interested and in tune of a course of action to keep it going until you eventually actualize a short/long term positive result.
It doesn’t mean you won’t get a no here and there or a negative response, the key thing about staying gingered is you have your ultimate end goal in mind and the no’s won’t and can’t keep you from achieving them.
I have realized that staying motivated starts with my day to day activities. So when I wake up, I plan my day and write down my action-plan for the day and at the end of the day I tick off completed or not, then plan to achieve any carry over tasks on the next day. I have found out taking note of my goals on a daily basis keeps the ginger spirit flying high.
Some motivating tactics that i have cultivated along the way are;
  1. I TAKE A SHOWER: I have realized that when i wake up in the morning and i have my bath i feel like i can conquer the world. You know that feeling of you can do more or achieve more. So i think there is a magical power in showering and it works.
  2. HOLD SOMEONE ACCOUNTABLE: I have learnt that talking to someone who i know will tell me the truth while giving me the hug is healing. We all need that someone in our life because sometimes we get too hard on ourselves and don’t notice how far we have come but very easily notice when something goes wrong.
  3. LOOK AT THE PAST: Remember that thing you prayed hard for and wanted so badly in the past but have now. When you remember those times its a reminder that whatever is going on now is just for a season there will be a time you will be thanking God for success if of course you stay true to your course.
  4. LOOK AT THOSE WHO ARE SUCCESSFUL IN THE AREA: This will help you realize that if you stay true to your course one day you too will be successful.
How do you stay motivated? Write your thoughts in the comment section. I will love to read from you.