These Easy Steps Will Help You Comb Your Natural Hair Without Breakage

Combing our hair is something we like to do if not now then later. However if not done right it could could lead to hair loss when it breaks.

What to use:

Before combing your hair be sure to have these hair tools;

  1. A wide tooth comb: check that all the teeth are smooth to avoid your hair catching on them.
  2. A hair detangling brush ( (not an affiliate, not sponsored). This brush is gentle and will treat your hair like a new born baby.
  3. Spray bottle with water.
  4. Styling moisturizing Creme.
  5. Oil of your choice, I love to use the Olive oil.

Now you have prepared the above items, make sure your hair is moisturized because you don’t want to comb a dry and frizzy hair or a hair with split ends (trim off your split ends). This will lead to a lot of tangles here and there, so instead of having a smooth combing you will have a stressful one with hair loss bound to happen.

Here is how to gently comb your hair

  1. Divide your hair in 4 sections. For easy manipulation and manageability.
  2. Starting with one section. Spray some pumps of water until hair is slightly damp. The natural hair is at her best manageable state when she is has water in her.
  3. Apply a little styling Creme to the section. And massage the product into your hair. With the water initially applied your hair should start to feel like silk under your hands. While you massage also finger detangle gently and slowly. When you’ve spent some time here you will know when it is time to whip out your comb.
  4. Starting from the tips of your hair using your wide tooth comb gently comb your hair. Move the comb up the strands and gently comb out again. Continue in this way until you reach the roots of your hair.
  5. While you comb if you find a tangle gently take it out with your fingers (not the comb). It is easier to work with your fingers to unravel a tangle to avoid less breakage.
  6. Once the unraveling has been done, use your wide tooth comb from the tip to the root one last time before you pick up your detangling brush and let it glide smoothly through your hair.
  7. Apply your oil. And then use the detangling brush again. That section is ready. Twist it or weave it or simply use a hair band to put it away while you work with the other sections.
  8. Repeat the procedure through the rest of the sections.
  9. Unravel the twists or weaves or hair bands and style as you please.


Once you master the art of detangling your hair it becomes easy to do it. I have learnt that dividing my hair in sections makes the work easy peasy than trying to comb my whole hair at a time, this is way more stressful and no guarantee of no hair breakage. 
However be patient, be gentle and move slowly where necessary, your hair will thank you for it.
How has your experience been with combing your hair? Have you mastered the art of combing your hair?I will live to read from you down below.

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