These Two Factors Are Very Common In Causing Hair Breakage

One true fact is that, nobody likes when their hair breaks. However are we taking the necessary steps to ensure that there are little or no breakage to our hair, is the real question.
Patience is a virtue the Bible says, this also applies to taking care of your hair, you will need to settle well in the patience car seat.
This leads me to the first factor:
For example when you want to take out your hair band and you realize that some strands of hair are strapped tightly to the band to form a knot, instead of impatiently snapping the band to free it from the hair, you will have to take the time to unravel every strand from the band even on the days you are in a hurry. However some ways to prevent or reduce knotting when you use a hair band is;
  1. Make sure before tying your hair to the band, your hair is really smooth and void of loose strands.
  2. Don’t leave the band on your hair for too long. Always better to take it off at the end of the day.
  3. Even though you are aiming for a messy bun always look out for loose strands that can get tangled up on their own.
Another good example is when we comb our hair or brush it. What helps me is curbing hair breakage when I comb my hair are;