What Will #2020 Natural Hair Trend Be Like

Oh yes we are in a new year #2020 and starting a new decade! Thank God for His mercies for they endureth forever. I remember when I started noticing the natural hair movement in 2011 (however it has shown its footprints a little while before then) i couldn’t understand how I could live without relaxers. Like how can I manage a hair that is not relaxed.I knew research was my savior. So I started following natural hair channels on blackberry and I got educated on how to care for my natural hair, when I decide to go that route. By the end of 2012 i was ready to do my big chop. Letting go of my hair took a lot of mental battle but hey, I finally crossed the bridge.

Between 2011 and 2019 the natural hair growth has been massive. More and more people across the globe have decided to leave the relaxer behind. Brides perform their wedding ceremony and celebrations with a natural hair style. Even celebrities are identifying with it. For example Tamera Mowry-Housley who does the The Real Day Time Show now air the program in her all natural hair. Isn’t it amazing! And with so many natural hair enthusiasts widespread on all social media platform, people are easing into it and are embracing the movement as a lifestyle. You will also find that more businesses are designing products to satisfy the natural hair market.

The reasons most people are reluctant at first to start their natural hair journey are because;

  1. The idea of cutting their hair (oh no I have been growing my hair since I was a baby, I can’t cut it now).
  2. But how do i comb my hair if it is not relaxed?
  3. And then the classic, how do I go out with it?

These questions digs deep in their mind until they understand the journey. It doesn’t mean the wig market is declining because most people like to switch things up but the relaxer market is reducing for sure.

Now in 2020, what trend will the natural hair follow?

  1. Haircut: Notice how in the previous years cutting the hair was a no, no. Like how can I cut my long mass of hair? But in 2020 people will be more bold with the scissors. Cut hairstyles will become a new natural hair movement. We started seeing glimpse of it in 2019 but in 2020 it will be a movement.

    Tiwa Savage (a Nigerian musician and song writer) started the new year with a new haircut.

  2. Natural hair colors: This has been in play and will still be in #2020. People have not figured out how to care for a dyed natural hair. Research has shown that hair dyes dry out the hair, so most people are still not ready to make the move until the category is well understood or natural hair products manufacturers make products that easily agrees well with the consumers if they dye their hair.
  3. Braids: Every year, every season and in every nation, braids slay! Braids has been reigning since time in memorial, they closing in stronger, full of colors and and crazy lengths. Even styles are more are getting more in depth.

    Zendaya looking beautiful in this simple hair style.


The last decade has certainly thought most women across the world to be comfortable with the fact that they can own their hair, that their hair is beautiful irrespective of the texture and then caring for the natural hair should be a lifestyle.

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