Why I Recommend Hot Oil Treatment

Hot oil treatment is the process of applying warm oil on your scalp as well as your hair to revitalize moisture, give shine and promote growth. In summary hot oil treatment is a treatment that is done to ensure the hair and scalp stays healthy.


  1. It gives the hair a bouncy look and feel:
  2. It removes frizz.
  3. It adds shine to the hair thereby eradicating dryness.
  4. It helps in filling the hair out in case of hair-thinning.
  5. It ensure the hair retains moisture hence improving the overall health of the hair.

How often should hot oil treatment be done?

I recommend that it should be done at least twice a month. This will enable that all the goodness infused stays infused. Irregularities and inconsistencies could slow the process and delay expected results.

How to apply hot oil?

  1. Put 10 – 12 table spoon of oil in a bowl, then place in a microwave oven and heat for 25secs.
  2. Divide your hair in 4 sections to ensure it is well applied.
  3. Apply heated oil to hair. Ensure to massage oil properly into hair and scalp.
  4. After applying oil, cover hair with a shower cap, then leave for 30mins – 1hr.
  5. Use a conditioner to wash hair.
  6. Repeat procedure in 2weeks.

N.B After warming the oil test at the back of your hand if the degree of hotness is suitable for your scalp. Be careful so as not to burn yourself.

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