Will Shaving My Hair Make It Grow Back Healthier?

This is always a million dollar question, will shaving my hair make it grow back healthier? This is because in life people see a fresh start as a great ground to create new opportunities and bag more wins. This mindset is also diverted to the hair, we shave the hair and automatically expects it to switch from curly to straight or vice versa or if you have 4c hair then you expect to shave your hair and automatically acquire let’s say 3b hair. Let us not forget that our genes play a strong role in our hair texture and type and shaving our hair does not systematically give us new genes.

Yes when we shave out hair there is a good chance that if you had thin hair (due to over processing with chemical or heat) your hair could grow back thick (if that is how your hair is genetically structured) and if you maintain a healthy hair care routine your hair stays thick.

However the truth is you don’t need to shave your hair to have a healthy hair because even though you shave your hair and still do the exact things you were doing to your hair before you cut it then there is a huge chance your hair will go back to how it was. Practice a healthy hair care routine and then you can gradually cut off the unhealthy parts of your hair (which includes splits ends, over processed ends and dry ends).
How to avoid getting your hair damaged

  1. Use heat sparingly. Sparingly /ˈspɛːrɪŋli/adverb—in a restricted or infrequent manner; in small quantities. However damage can also occur from a one time use. So be sure to use low heat. If you you must use heat protectant use one that is void of silicon and paraben and is moisturizing.
  2. Watch how you use hair dyes. Of course it is not the fact that you use hair dyes but how do you use it. To be safer seek a professional. There are colors that you want that could take 3-5 visits to get it right, a professional will know this, don’t go doing it at a sitting, it will be a lot for your hair to handle. Some hair dyes can also alter your hair type, of this isn’t what you want consult with your colorist prior. After you have dyed your hair don’t forget to keep your hair full of moisture. Hair dye is a chemical that can leave the hair dry, and a dry hair can lead to so many things which are unhealthy for the hair but with the right hair care routine you hair will blossom.
  3. Styling. Over manipulation can weaken our hair shaft leading to hair loss or hair thinning. So do less to achieve more.

Stress is inevitable in life so I’m not about to say avoid stress to have a healthier hair but what I would say is don’t forget to treat your hair right even when you are stressed.

Have you shaved your hair in exchange for a healthier hair? What was your experience? Kindly share your thoughts, i will love to read from you.

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